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You Don't Have to Pay for Name Brand Crystal To Get Name Brand Quality!

The simple truth is that the average person with an un-trained eye cannot know a good piece of crystal from a bad one… Until they make a side-by-side comparison. Then, the differences become quite evident. There is most assuredly an abundance of “closeout store/gift shoppe variety”, mass-produced imported or domestic crystal in the marketplace today and yes, it’s crystal, but so much of it is molded or “press cut” or, if it is cut, it is done poorly; under-polished or over-polished so as to leave either rough surfaces or obliterate the fine detail.
By loose definition crystal is glass with a lead content which constitutes at least 18% of its make-up. Finer quality crystal pieces will range up to, and in some instances, beyond 24% lead.  If we have a piece of glass that is 24% lead do we have a piece of fine crystal? ...of course not. It is the skill of the artisan who creates the work of art that directly influences the quality of the piece.  This is what we are consistently looking for, the finest craftsmanship available in each country we search. 
Do we sell name brand crystal?No.  If you know what you’re looking for you can meet and frequently exceed the name brand quality at a fraction of their retail price. What we always find rather amazing is that people will spend $100 or more for a single piece of stemware that has been mouth blown and polished but has little or no detail work on it, however it invariably will have a popular name brand on it! Many of the more highly detailed pieces sold under these name brands are actually purchased from sources outside of their company and then sold with a rather hefty markup! Caveat Emptor!
In every country renowned for its cut crystal there are good crystal companies and then there are those, which prefer to sell in large volume.   We look for the best quality that we can find… wherever we go.  With some things you just want the best and we believe that fine cut crystal should be just that... Fine Cut Crystal!

We Are Number One For Some Very Good Reasons!

We Take Pride in Being The Best at Customer Satisfaction.   If you are ever unhappy with your purchase be sure to let us know! We will be happy to do whatever it takes to make you smile!
We Ship Promptly and Furnish You with a Tracking Number.   Have you ever ordered something online and wondered where it is?  "Did the company close shop and run to South America with my money?"   We let you know when your order will ship and if for any reason there is a delay you will not be charged until the order ships.
We Do Business the Way Grandpa Did.  Honesty and integrity seem to be a forgotten art in this make-a-quick-buck world that we live in. Frequently the tradeoff for a bargain is you simply get junk!  We make sure that our products are what we say they are and we price them at the best price we can offer. 
We Want You To Come Back!  Whether you are buying for yourself or having us send a gift to someone special we do it right!  Our crystal is inspected and packed carefully to insure a safe delivery. Our packing slip will never show a price or closeout information when you send a gift. We value you as a person and as a customer!

What Do Our Customers Think?...

I tried to get on your site to make a public comment on the beautiful crystal colored wine glasses which I saw when my children opened the box.  The cut work on the wine glasses were more beautiful than I even expected and they absolutely loved them.  They immediately broke out a bottle of French wine and celebrated by drinking from them.  They are absolutely beautiful and your courteous way of handling everything was wonderful.
I will certainly do business with you again and will tell everyone about you.  It is so nice to order from a most gracious host and company as yours.

Wesolych Swiat!

L. N.
Manlius, NY
Just received the glasses yesterday and they are spectacular!  I'm not sure I'm going to let anyone use them though...unless they are wearing a hazmat suit and lots of padding.  Price very reasonable, shipping fast, excellent customer service!!
Watsonville CA
It is with pleasure that I ordered a gift for my wife, as I do each year, from you knowing it will be perfect and as described in your website.
Your site makes seeing the product and ordering a breeze. You have done a fine job setting it up as well as selecting really first class products.
I just wanted to say "Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year" I appreciate your attention to details on my order as well as the fast service. I feel like I am ordering from an old friend.
My very best regards,
S. L.
Amelia Island, Florida
I've collected Crystal for over 30 yrs and this piece is breathtaking, one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever owned, you packed it so well I was surpried by the size of the box.  I hope to order the Humming Bird vase this fall if it's still avaliable.  Your products are second to none.  Thanks Again
Ft. Wayne, IN
I've just placed my third order in two weeks.  The colored crystal vases and stemware are exquisite.  I have collected Faberge for twenty years and given it as gifts too.  This is my new favorite crystal.  The quality is much superior to Faberge, as is the price.
Friendswood, TX
The quality, the selection, the service. . . Everything was so above top notch.  There was excellent communication every step of the way, from product questions answered to shipping of the products. I ended up ordering three times in about a month.  You just cannot top the intricate beauty and quality OR the price.  Simply amazing and I will definitely shop here for any occasion that demands the absolute best.
L.W. Cincinnati OH

This is sort of a special gift, and we very much appreciate how you have worked with us to make it happen.  And so quickly, and easily, with updates at each step of the way so we know just what is going on.  Great job!  We will tell our friends about you, and you can be sure that we will be ordering our crystal from you in the future as well.

Thanks again,     

I purchased the Princess vase back in October and I can't say enough about the quality of the Slovakian crystal.  I must thank you for your great customer service with helping me in my selection. I will recommend CutCrystal.Com to anyone looking for quality crystal.

J.M. Longwood, FL H.W.  Arizona

I love this site the people are very helpful.  I will come back again and again.
Thanks Cut Crystal!

...The cruets have arrived.  The cruets and your service are beautiful.  I look forward to doing business with you again.
J.V. Clyo, GA R.C. Elk Grove Village, IL

The vase and decanter are just perfect!  I love them!   Thanks So much!

The first 3 pieces just arrived. All were in perfect shape and just stunning. Thanks for the wonderful service. We look forward for an occasion to order some more.

S.P. San Francisco, CA G.S. Texas

I  just received the Pitcher and the Wine Glass Set. WOW!  They're absolutely gorgeous!

I like the Rose Piece and think my wife will love it since last year I bought her the smaller one so this is a nice compliment to it.
J.M.  Indiana D.N. Missouri

UPS just delivered the Princess vase and the Crystal Rose bowl. You were right. They are MAGNIFICENT!   


I'm sure I'll be returning to your website. I think crystal can become addictive!  Thanks again for the prompt and personalized service!

R.S. Kansas City S.J. New Mexico


I just discovered your website for the first time. Your things are beautiful!

Thanks for the prompt attention, great product, and at a very fine value.

P.K  email


B.L.  Clearwater, FL

More Gracious Comments! ....

Thanks Fred. I was so impressed with the quality of service and merchandise on my last order that I couldn't resist. Plus it didn't hurt that I rearranged my collection to place the Ruby King in a prime spot and all of a sudden another spot opened up requiring a tall vase.  By the way I was totally impressed with how well the vase I packed. I counted 6 separate layers of protection. I think the package could have weathered Katrina. Needless to say the vase arrived in perfect condition. And what a spectacular vase it is! My breath was literally taken away the first time I beheld this jewel. Thanks again for your super quick service and fabulous merchandise.
J.N.  Aberdeen, MD
I was so thrilled after many hours and days of searching to find your beautiful hummingbird vase. I wanted my nephew, who is getting married, to have a "forever" gift from his Auntie and your wonderful site made this possible. Long after I am gone he will have a bit of me, still, in the memory of flowers he brings to his wife in your beautiful vase. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  
S.M.  Mountain Home, AZ

I wanted to let you know that I received the Victoria vase yesterday, 3 short days after I placed the order. Once again it was incredibly well packed, a good thing since I slipped carrying it down some ice covered step and the box took a tumble. Nothing was damaged except for my pride. Not when the vase was packaged in 3 separate boxes. Your website description of this stunning piece was dead on!  Absolutely pristine cuts (and perfect cut placement, I might add). The craftsmen who made the Victoria really outdid themselves. I haven't seen anything finer. The quality of work that went into this piece speaks volumes, and I'm exceptionally pleased with this magnificent vase. Thanks again for your terrific service and wonderful products.

J.N. Pylesville, MD
The Multi-Colored Stem Set arrived this afternoon.  They are beautiful and I am happy that I found a place to purchase fine crystal! I would just like to let you know that the piece of crystal I ordered below has arrived. The party was absolutely static about it's, cut, brilliance and even the box it came in. I want to thank you for making her birthday better than usual. Will surely buy from you again.
R.N.  Sarasota, FL K& R. G.  Orange, CA
Hi - Wanted to let you know I received my wine goblets and pitcher today and the crystal is stunning!  Thanks for getting these to me so fast.  I told my husband I had to have these for my Thanksgiving table because my china is a fruit and butterfly pattern.  I am so excited to put my table together, and I can't wait to show off my gorgeous Polish crystal.  Thanks,
M.F. Lexington, KY
Our cut crystal goblets came today. They are absolutely gorgeous. We were a little nervous as we never dealt with your company before  and we seldom order over the internet. We own  other colored Polish  & Czech.. crystal goblets that we had accumulated here and there over the years so we had our "samples"  on hand to compare your goblets against.  Well, we are REALLY impressed. We  surfed the net and found your prices excellent and the quality of your merchandise is everything you advertised. Thank you very much. We will enjoy our new goblets through many future dinner gatherings!
L. & M. M., Falls Church, VA
I recently ordered the floral cut crystal wine glasses for my mother. She is not an easy person to buy for. She was sooo amazed with this quality and perfection of these glasses, her exact were "they are "exquisite" from the presentation to the packaging to the gift rapping.
the ordering process was easy and professional, I will definitely be back. My sister has taken note so she can order also.
Thank you so much for the prompt professional service. I will definitely be back, and recommend you to many. It is refreshing to see a company that takes pride in every aspect of their product.
Y. J.
Gold Beach, OR
I looked all over the Internet to find a unique piece for my wife on our 15th wedding anniversary.  I loved this piece as soon as I laid eyes on it and now that it's in my hands I love it even more.  Thank you very much, I'm sure she will love it too.
D.B.  Louisburg, KS
The vase arrived safe and sound in and has been presented to it’s  new owner amid tears of unrestrained joy on Christmas Eve. It was a  replacement for a favorite heirloom that met an unexpected demise recently.  
The vase is indeed spectacular and now sits in a place of honor –  front and center – in the display case in our living room. Spring blooms will  bring it out of hibernation and elicit further oohs and ahhs.
Thank you  for having it available and for your care in shipping.
T.K. Chatilly, VA