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Crystal Gifts - Stemware - Vases - Trophies - Fine Hand Cut - Lead 24%

Slovakian / Bohemian & Polish European Colored Cased Vases, Decanters & Stemware We Sell Premium Quality Investment Grade Pieces for Less Than Others Sell the Common Department Store Variety!

A Gift of Fine Crystal Will Speak Volumes!

Send Heirloom Investment Quality Hand Cut Crystal to Someone Special and They'll Cherish Your Gift Forever!

"We look for the finest quality wherever we go. With some things you just want the best!"

Gifts & Vases from Poland!
Crystal Wedding Gifts
Stemware & Goblets
Hand-Cut Pieces From Slovakia
Vases from Poland
Decanters & Cruets
Hand-Cut Dishes & Bowls
Candle Holders & Lamps
Crystal Accessory Items
Hand Cut Pitchers
CLOSE-OUTS & Bargains!
World's Largest Cased Vase
Our Gift Wrapping Service
Contemporary Stemware

You Won't Find Our Elegant Hand Cut Products Anywhere Else! 

What Our Customers Say...
The service is second to none... Finally, someone who knows the meaning of the words quality service!
Ray , WI

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