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At 37.5 Inches Tall and a Weight of Well Over 40 lbs. There is No Known 24% Lead “Cased” Crystal Vase in The World 

Currently Made Larger or Near the Size of the Tradition Vase.

Exclusively from the GUS (Goose) Crystal Factory

This vase is 24% “Cased” Lead Crystal, hand blown and hand-cut. It is so large that it must be produced in three separate sections, the stem, the bulb and the stand. Each section is hand blown and cased individually. The craft of making cased lead crystal at the Gus Crystal factory starts with a master craftsman mouth-blowing molten lead crystal forming an object and then adding a layer or multi-layers of colored lead crystal. 

The “64 cut-star” is an unmistakably mark of the Gus Crystal factory.

After the layered or layers of lead crystal is added, the item is painted with clay in a design by an artisan. Next, using a spinning copper cutting-wheel, a master craftsman hand-cuts intricate designs and patterns from the clay pattern to create a work of art.  
Components of the Tradition Vase:

1.     STEM - 15 Pounds (6.8 kilograms) 18 Inches (46 centimeters) Tall.  40 Inches (102 centimeters) circumference of top of stem 2.5 Gallons (9.5 liters) Volume.

2.     BULB - 15 Pounds (6.8 kilograms) 12 Inches (30 centimeters) Tall42 Inches (107 centimeters) circumference of middle of bulb.

3.     STAND - 13 Pounds (5.9 kilograms) 10 Inches (33 centimeters) Tall40 Inches (102 centimeters) circumference of bottom of stand.

Last Know Price: $10,000.00 USD Plus Freight, Customs Fees, etc.  Please inquire for latest pricing and availability!

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More about The GUS Crystal Factory...

The Gus-Khrustalny Crystal Factory, established in the year 1756 by the famous manufacture Akim Maltsov, produces some of the most exquisite 24% Lead Crystal in the world.

Both noblemen and the common-men used Maltsov’s crystal products on their tables.  The royal families of the Tsars were regular customers and you can find many of the artistic works from this antique factory in many museums in Russia today.

In 1857, the Crystal factory was granted permission to depict the State Coat of Arms of Russia on all items produced from the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II. At the Universal exhibition in Paris in 1900, the Factory won the highest prize of "Grand Prix."

Today, after 250 years the Gus Crystal Factory is still just west of Moscow in the picturesque countryside. There, master artisans hand-blow, hand-cut, hand-paint and sometime hand-etch each of these beautiful works of art, using techniques passed down through the centuries.

These products can be easily distinguished by their beauty, elegance, originality and virtuosity of performance, variety of forms, color spectrum and décor in lead crystal, cased lead crystal, glassware, colored glass and artistic products.

Regular customers of this exclusive glassware are: Council of the Russian Federation, State Duma (Parliament of Russian Federation), organizational committees of different festivals, contests and competitions.   ...When Quality Is Important!

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